Say NO to the BREAK..


The aspirations,zeal and desire makes us study like a fool and work like a puppet. The people work extremely hard to make up a living and fulfill quest of leisure and happiness.Perhaps among all the working class one-third of them don’t work in their majors.But,what about the others?Well lets get to the point.The central theme and fact of taking A BREAK from the work. Continue reading “Say NO to the BREAK..”

By God’s Grace

download“By God’s Grace”this is a often quoted statement by people around me and ofcourse in my dialect .Initially it made me fuss about because I am girl with self dependency and obstination.I believed that one is maker of his/her destiny and how come someone just summit to the lord.However that constant thought revealed to me a deep truth. Continue reading “By God’s Grace”


Are you addicted? Often when this issue comes up people give an adsurd look and try to change the topic.Indeed,it is a very personal. But what actually addiction is ? Well ,the physical,psychological and spiritual enslavement by a thing .It is not merely drinking,smoking,druging etc.The dawn of twenty-first century brought the darkness to end of imagination and emotions.We all are addicted; to Continue reading “NO ADDICTION”