Bane to BOON

GRPSIndeed when I entered the place, I was a stranger.Soon I realized I have entered a new world.It was a world I never knew of,thought of.What charmed me was the change in language ,diction.hah…it was my junior college..“Two years…I mean seriously and that too here”I could feel a resentment in my friend’s voice.Now,you would have realized what I mean.However my father suggested me to be open and acceptable.I did so.    

     I learned alot. I felt more connected of  to my culture.I was exposed to a great variety of people.They in a way or more nurtured my life.Today when my Board papers are up and I am ready to move on ,I have respect and love for it.Two years which I had thought to be a bane turned up to be a BOON.I know the teachings in these 2 years shall always   help me.Looking forward for the new milestone and life.Miss you G.R.P.S….


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