Are you addicted? Often when this issue comes up people give an adsurd look and try to change the topic.Indeed,it is a very personal. But what actually addiction is ? Well ,the physical,psychological and spiritual enslavement by a thing .It is not merely drinking,smoking,druging etc.The dawn of twenty-first century brought the darkness to end of imagination and emotions.We all are addicted; to mobiles,computers,T.V.and social networking sites.


This has made humans weak.”I can’t live without my phone” when people say so,its enough proof of his/her weakness and dependency.This is not jus limited to info maniacs but even those who frequently use gadgets.”Machines were invented for helping our lives not hypnotizing us”.

Hence when we should always make sure we are independent and can lead a happy life even if we loose any worldly possessions.

     “Nature hath enough for our needs, it hath not enough for our greed.”

Very true….humans are enslaved by  their own dreams, often its named  need…but it is greed. Lift ourselves over this vicious circle of life(it would be wrong to say life coz this ain’t living. Its dragging ourselves into the rat race).We entail very less things and many people to share happiness. Now its reversed, we acquire many things and less people. Lets now REINVENT OUR LIFE.

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