Its not about you



Its not about you …….it never was.How easily we conclude that ”this is my life….I’ll do what I want to”.Think about it.Is it so? No.

My life never was my alone.A lot of people are responsible making it better and how easily we declare ,”I’m the maker of my life”.In one sense it is correct because our decisions make our life.
Now  think about it from other point of view,Who built-up this judgment ability in us.Our parents,maybe friends or anyone else.Hence we are bound to them.They have certain expectations from us,and obvio not for their selfish goals.

Secondly,we have our duty and responsibility towards our society and world at large.The society can affect our life to a great extend.We must thus return back the love and respect we get from society.

This thought very few can nurture in their hearts and this makes all the difference.Indeed we have freedom to do what we want to but we can enjoy our life the way we want only after we pay back our loans of love ,affection and responsibility.And I guess how much we work harder and try we shall always be indebted to our parents.Because we may pay back their money but never the energy and time they invested in us.

Most importantly no one expect this from us,maybe because they love us alot.But it is our prime duty to keep them happy and contempted.They gave us alll they could so should we.However if we continue so we may get the life we want,but we will lose those without whom life would be meaningless.The freedom come at a cost we could never restoe.So before we conclude anything remember that this can take what is dearest or can give us all we wanted.So as a sum ,We can indeed keep aside our wrong perception that we own our life.We can never own it,we can only direct it for betterment of all.

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