By God’s Grace

download“By God’s Grace”this is a often quoted statement by people around me and ofcourse in my dialect .Initially it made me fuss about because I am girl with self dependency and obstination.I believed that one is maker of his/her destiny and how come someone just summit to the lord.However that constant thought revealed to me a deep truth.

I realized that this  ain’t  merely a statement,it is an attitude.An act to keep ourselves away from ego,boastfulness and pride.It tends to keep us down to Earth.It helps us to make peace with our innerself.It reminds us how impotent and small we are in this entire world.We should not go around meery-making for perishable things and that we are nobody.

We should feel blessed about all we have and realize we are nobody just the way poetess Emily Dickinson believed.Yes,Our karmic deeds decide our life but remember once the evils like ego enters in us no cosmic deeds can alter our destruction.Hence for more improvement and more satisfaction we must offer our deeds to the Almighty.

How can we keep ourselves away from destruction?Simple “let the great works end in silence”We should always consider ourself as a medium for a work and that we are bestowed with it.Never let the me-ness fill your mind,remember we define our life and as we sow so shall it reap.

This ancient act of Thanksgiving has indeed taught me a I know how blessed I’m to work and try my best to nurture life.Anytime now when I come across some ancient acts I look for the brighter side .


Try it out:-Make a list of the happy things around and another one of the times when you were angry,anguished,boastful or resentful.For sure the latter would be bigger.Think about it,still how blessed and loved we are.