Say NO to the BREAK..


The aspirations,zeal and desire makes us study like a fool and work like a puppet. The people work extremely hard to make up a living and fulfill quest of leisure and happiness.Perhaps among all the working class one-third of them don’t work in their majors.But,what about the others?Well lets get to the point.The central theme and fact of taking A BREAK from the work.

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A great number of people have come up with the trend of taking a grand holiday in order to work more effectively.As a matter of fact it’s just whims and  fancies.Initially all are satisfied with the job.Enthusiastic.Energetic.Proud.With passage of time the energy too drains away and so do the enthusiasm.Actually people get fed up of the daily schedule and desperation.So to find peace ,happiness and satisfaction we wish to take a break .Is it really required?When we have what we want ,why do we not like it?

A very common reason people give is to boost creativity.Seriously?I mean it’s like Christmas vacations for a kid,and which child thinks of studies.We’ll get new ideas when we do it or when we don’t.

Some beasts of burden work the whole week days only to spend entire money on happiness and enjoyment .

In real life people don’t search for grandness and worldly things.They seek bliss and serenity.But how can find it outside if not within?

“As above,so below

As within so without”

An aptly remarked verse.We often think grass is green on the other side and hence we keep trying new things.However what should be done is to seek newness in every regular thing.All that is to be done is to open the doors to the self.To realize that happiness,satisfaction comes from within and only then can we attain calmness.

“There’s no need to do different for success.Same old be done in a thousand uncommon ways”

As far as I guess ,no job can be so boring that anything new can’t be discovered.A dialogue here can easily clarify why we should break the break.

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“Good evening Sir.”


“By the way ……nice phone,new?”

“You have anything to say?”

“Actually …Uhh I wanted a ……a  leave for a week”

“Any special reasons?”

“The thing is …….my mother-in-law is sick ”(Actually it’s a very typical joke in India signifying that even Boss cannot say no when there’s anything  related to in-       laws.Hypocrisy)                                    

“Oh really,what happened?”

“Nothing much …….just the age factor”

“Then there’s no need,I guess……Huh…(smiles) see I know why you need leave……B-but its not that simple to do it.Work should be completed in time. ”

“That’s right Sir,so to improve myself for the sake of company ….to be creative……Umm I-I want holiday.”

“You don’t love what you do?”

“Nothing of that sorts……In fact this is what I wanted since I was 14”

“Then what’s wrong?Dont hesitate.Feel free. ”

“Actually I’m fed of this schedule .I have many ideas but no time to work on it. I-I’m just tired of this day-in-and-out.”
“You told me that you are into this sector by your sole choice,then why is there no satisfaction?that’s because you worked to make money and not your ideas.You mistaken money for happiness and satisfaction.It is necessary indeed but not the only reason for your job.You have many ideas,don’t you?work on it if you really want improvement.A-n-d yes I may give you leave but not for some stupid thing like change but only to discover yourself. ”


I have nothing to fill in here……….. So It’s that simple discover yourself,rethink over your dreams ,ambition.When you’ll find yourself,you’ll achieve a eternal bliss. Wherever you stay nothing can harm your inner-self and you will know that time will pass.You will face all and won’t let the best or worst toss your head.

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